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Fred W. Edwards Academy serves as the Temple ISD alternative high school campus.  This program targets students ages 18 to 22 who cannot attend four or more hours a day. 
We are committed to fostering a life-long passion for learning and social responsibility in our students, hence allowing our students to become compassionate contributors to a rapidly changing world through the acceleration of Personalized Learning Plans. As a non-traditional accredited high school, Fred W. Edwards Academy is another route to graduation for those students who are not successful in a traditional high school setting. Students are allowed to work at their own pace, using online, computer-based curriculum supplemented with offline projects and assignments to ensure that all Texas Performance Standards are met and that the curriculum is rigorous and relevant. Students are able to catch up academically and/or move ahead at an accelerated pace. Students develop marketable skills in preparation for college and/or the workplace through service and community projects.

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