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Fred W. Edwards Academy serves as the Temple ISD alternative high school campus.  The alternative education campus serves students in grades 9 through 12 that are at-risk of not graduating.  As a non-traditional accredited high school, Fred W. Edwards Academy is another route to graduation for those students who are not successful in a traditional high school setting. Students use online, computer-based curriculum supplemented with offline projects and assignments to ensure that all Texas Performance Standards are met and that the curriculum is rigorous, relevant, and real-world.  Students are able to catch up academically and/or move ahead at an accelerated pace. Students also leave Edwards Academy college, career, or military ready.

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Graduation Tickets

Graduation Tickets will be distributed on May 23, 2024 at the required graduation meeting. Graduates will receive their tickets in their graduation packet and must sign to acknowledge they have received them. No tickets will be issued to friends or family, and lost tickets will not be replaced.
In 2024, each graduate will receive eight (8) tickets. This amount was calculated by dividing the total number of seats at the Cadence Bank Center by the total number of graduates. While we understand that some families wish for more tickets, we are restricted by the venue's capacity.
Please keep these guidelines in mind:
The fire marshal stipulates that every human must have a ticket; this includes infants. Any person entering the ceremony must have their own ticket.
Students will be reminded to guard their graduation packet, as we do not have spare tickets to replace any that are lost.
No extra tickets will be available from the school.
If families have spare tickets, they are free to gift them to families who need extras. The school does not facilitate those arrangements and posts requesting extra tickets will be denied in this group.

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